E-Waste Services

Green Recycling

Americans discard 9-10 million tons of electronic equipment per year—of which slightly more than 80% end up in landfills. Our commitment to ‘green recycling’ is strengthened by our relationships with green scrappers, highly specialized companies who adhere to a no-fill policy that protects the environment while ensuring complete, non-landfill equipment “disposal” for our customers.

Global Network

It has always been our belief that by building a global network consisting of hundreds of wholesalers, retailers and other commercial interests, we could create a trusted distribution network for used devices—thereby sharing the payback with the companies whose technology we obtained, refurbished and resold. And that is exactly what has transpired.

Data Security and Clearing

With regulatory pressure and the risk of litigation impacting both the issues of data security and waste disposal, clients count on us. Some clients may perform certain levels of data “scrubbing” in-house, yet all devices that arrive at our warehouses are subjected to further testing for data exposure. This helps ensure that no proprietary information ever leaves our facilities.

Strategic Relationships

As our company and inventory selection has expanded, the business has extended its reach into international and domestic wholesale, E-commerce, asset management, wireless carrier assistance and charitable fundraising. Outside the U.S., our knowledge of the politics, economics and cultural issues of the regions in which we conduct business—augmented by staff that conducts business in most languages—has transformed us into a global competitor capable of moving technology from areas of low to high demand while adding value at each step in the process. Indeed, our business is not simply about transactions; rather, it is designed to establish strategic relationships that are mutually beneficial with a long-term horizon.

Today, IFL is  a clear leader in asset recovery through its acquisition and distribution of technology for the global secondary market. Experience and knowledge of all facets of the recycling process, combined with a commitment to superior customer service, enable us to provide optimal solutions while furthering  your ability to effectively—and profitably—mange your technology life cycle. Our continued goal is not merely meet your expectations, but to continue to exceed them.

-Our processes are designed to ensure that securing and destroying proprietary data is addressed in accordance with Department of Defense (DOD) standards.
-We also make certain that whatever leaves our facilities is never destined for landfills.
-We are a “one-stop” shop for data clearing, inventorying, and asset recovery—priding ourselves on consistently delivering the highest payback value in the industry. 

Our Clients include:

  • WM (Access)
  • Brightstar
  • Bright Point
  • AT&T
  • Cricket
  • T-Mobile
  • Cworks
  • Assurant
  • Mannapov, LLC
  • Cellular Recycler
  • Pan Ocean
  • Midstar, LLC
  • Ceticell
  • e-cycle
  • PCS Wireless
  • CWG
  • Goldie Group


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