Solar power


Solar Power Basics

Solar power is energy derived from the sun’s radiation. The amount of available solar energy is incredible — 10,000 times more than the entire world can consume presently. Merely 0.02% of incoming solar energy captured would replace every other fuel source presently used. The sun provides the Earth with as much energy every hour as we collectively use in a year worldwide. Furthermore, it is reliable. According to the US National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL), the sun’s output will remain fairly consistent for the next 50,000 years.

Increase your home value: Multiple studies have found that homes equipped with solar energy systems have higher property values and sell more quickly than non-solar homes. Appraisers are increasingly taking solar installations into consideration as they value homes at the time of a sale, and as homebuyers become more educated about solar, demand for properties equipped with solar panel systems will continue to grow.

Protect yourself against rising energy costs: In the past ten years, residential electricity prices have gone up by an average of 30% annually. By investing in a solar system now, you can fix your electricity rate and protect yourself against unpredictable increases in electricity costs. If you’re a homeowner with fluctuating cash flow, going solar also helps you better forecast and manage your expenses.

Make your planet a better place with clean, renewable energy. Get control over energy costs and save on your monthly bill by requesting  more information to get started.

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